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Organising a Halloween party and want to do something a little bit different or special?

The use of animated props can really help your event to stand out from the rest.

Helping to give your event the real wow factor

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CorpseWalker EvilEntity Butler MedusaHead WitchSpellReader WitchStoryTeller


Dragon Red on a Pillar CagedBatOnStand170cm PirateSkeletonAtShipsWheel TombStones48cm72cm107cmTall PillarsForGraveYardEntrance



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We cover Kent and parts of Essex, Surry and London. If there is something you are looking for and it is not on this page please Contact us at

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It’s that time of year “Halloween” where ghosts, ghouls and witches come out. We are always adding to our range of props. Contact us to hire a single prop or a complete scene package, we cover Kent, parts of Surrey, Essex and London.

We have done “Dover Castle of Terror for the last 6 years, watch the video to see some of the things we do there.

Fortune Teller Witch

She talks to you and her arm moves over the crsytal ball.

Sound activated.

Evil Entity Ghost

This ghost talks and raises up and down and also lights up.

Sound activated.

Corpse Walker

This very scary looking prop looks great for Halloween, it talks and moves.

Sound activated.


He welcomes you in or not, talks and his head moves from side to side.

Sound activated.

13 Frankenstein Monster Animated


He is the tallest of our animated props and sways from side to side and groans.

Sound activated.

Medusa Head

About 1ft tall, Medusa’s head talks and the mouth and eyes light up.

Sound activated.

Witch Spell Reader

As she reads her spells her arm moves.

Sound activated.

Red Dragon on a pillar

This scaly 7ft dragon sits on a pillar.

A really impressive prop and is sure to be a hit with all fantasy fans.

Caged Bat on a stand (170cm)

This very realistic bat, hanging upside down in a bird cage is great for manor house scenes.

Halloween13 (Small) Halloween12 (Small)

Half Corpse Butler

This half corpse butler looks like he is coming out of the ground, would be ideal for a grave yard scene.

Half Mummy Corpse

This corpse is great for a grave yard scene. Coming out of the ground or in an Egyptian scene or an Indiana Jones scene.

Halloween10 (Small)

Coffin with Skeleton

This would be ideal for use in a grave yard scene or as a standalone display.

Pirate Skeleton at Ships Wheel

Pirate skeleton at a ships wheel looks like he has just come out of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Halloween11 (Small) 20151101_155929 (1)

Mini Grave Yard Fencing

For any path through a grave yard, this mini fencing is great to line the way.


“What’s cooking tonight”, ideal prop for any witch.

Tomb Stones (48cm, 72cm, 107cm tall)

Must have for any grave yard scene, plenty of these in stock

Pillars for Grave Yard Entrance

To make your grave yard more spooky and stand out from the entrance.

Halloween15 Halloween6 (Small)

Flame Lights on Stand.

Very realistic flame lights on stands. We have 4 of these for hire.

Metal Fencing for Grave Yard

This real metal fencing really helps set the scene.

Halloween2 (Small) DSCN1977

Marquee Decoration

This was done for a Halloween craft marquee.


These trees are good for birds and bats.

04 - 06  Mannequin 231213 046 (Small) 01 Life Size Black Horse (Small)

Soul Taker with Pumpkin Lamp

Resin figure with light up lamp

60cms x 60cms x 170cms  ( 5ft )

Cauldron with Lights and Fogger

coloured changing lights in water

cast iron effect W 18” x H 14”  x D 13”



Tombstone Tree   

64cm x 22cm x 96cm

Tombstone Skeleton

63cm x 27cm x 109cm


Tombstone Angel

72cm x 22cm x 95cm

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