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Two Reindeer Life–Size Models

15Ocms x 45cms x 115cms


Snowman Jane 3ft

80cm x 80cm x 151cm                    

When organising an event or party, it is important to have a focal point. If you're following a certain theme, this can easily be accomplished by using life size props.


With a range of affordable life size props available to hire out across Kent and the surrounding areas, Dallas Event Services can really help to make your event or party a huge success.

Helping to bring your event to life

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We cover Kent and parts of Essex, Surrey and London. If there is something you are looking for and it is not on this page please Contact us at

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SG 2006 M (Small) Snowman with Child 001 (Small)

We are updating our stock for this theme on a yearly basis, and if there is something you have in mind and it’s not here, please contact us.


Please get in touch to see what we can offer you, from a single prop hire to a Christmas scene or grotto, anything from a display to a party.


We cover Kent and parts of Surrey, Essex and London.

Snowman with child

This group prop of a large snowman with a smaller snowman and a crow is charming in a winter wonderland scene. This prop is covered with glittery snow and looks fabulous under spot lights.

Snowman 6ft Tall

This wonderful glitter covered 6ft tall snowman comes with his floppy black felt hat, traditional broom and a red and white scarf.

Christmas Props 2014 073 (Small) 11 Nutcracker (Small)


As a traditional prop for Christmas this is a wonderful nutcracker style toy soldier.

Jolly Santa

This Father Christmas statue is ideal to decorate and promote Christmas events. This fully 3D model is fabulous on its own or as part of a large Christmas grotto display.


Comedy Reindeer Range


Comedy Reindeer Sitting

This fantastic seated funny reindeer looks great on its own or as part of a grotto.

Comedy Reindeer Standing Crossed Legs

This charmingly bemused funny looking reindeer is one of our most popular props.

14 Comedy Reindeer Wall Head (Small)

Comedy Reindeer Wall Head

Funny Christmas reindeer head with a bright garland around his neck.

Comedy Reindeer with Hands on Hips

This funny reindeer sitting with his hands on hips is an amusing prop to use in a Christmas grotto.

Comedy Reindeer Sitting with Crossed Legs

Our funny reindeer sitting with crossed legs, comes with a fabric hat red ribbons and bells.

elfs on reindeer 1 (Small) EG (Small)

Comedy Reindeer and Elf

This pair of Christmas décor props combines two of our most seasonal characters, a 5ft reindeer and a cheerful 3ft elf.

Comedy Reindeer with 3 Elves

With two male elves and one girl elf sitting on his back, this bemused funny looking reindeer is an ideal Christmas prop.

090078L (2) (Small) 080087L (2) (Small)

Reindeer Standing with Light

This cheeky reindeer’s nose will light up to make him look like Rudolph.

Reindeer Sitting with Light.

This cheeky reindeer’s nose will light up to make him look like Rudolph.

Life Like Range of Christmas Props

DSCN1912 (Small) DSCN1908 (Small)

Life Like reindeer Mother

This very realistic model of a reindeer, with fluffy fur like a real one is a must for any winter wonderland scene and is loved by children.

Life Like Reindeer Baby

To go with mother reindeer, also add this baby reindeer for a lovely scene.

13 Penguin Head up (Small) 12 Penguin head down (Small)

Penguin Head Down

This replica of a king penguin with his head down is a must for all penguin fans, it could be used for an artic display.

3ft Penguin Head Up

Our king penguin with his head up is great to complete your Christmas winter wonderland scene.

Real and Artificial Christmas Trees

22 Real Birch Tree 10ft with Lights (Small) 24 Pre lit Blossom Tree (Small)

Pre-lit Blossom Tree

These are very good in lower light grottos and are 5ft tall, taller trees are available.

Real Birch Trees

These real birch trees are in white, natural and black for Halloween, and stand 10ft tall.

16 Green Pine Christmas Tree 210cm (Small) 17 - 18 Snow Flocked Christmas Tree 210cm (Small)

Green Pine Christmas Tree

These trees come plain or we can put lights on them, or decorations, and stand 2.1n tall.

Snow Flocked Christmas Tree

These are covered in snow and if needed we can add lights to them.

19 Green 3ft tree (Small) 20 Upside Down Christmas Tree (Small)

Upside Down Christmas Tree

For something different we have used these for the middle of drinks tables and are a great talking point and something people seem to remember.

3ft Christmas Tree

We have lots of these in Green, white and silver. Ideal for table centres at Christmas parties or in a grotto scene.

Chritsmas Decoration Hire

231213 046 (Small)

Father Christmas Sleigh

This large Santa’s sleigh is delivered and made up on site, due to size, and can seat Santa plus two small children. The sleigh itself is 4ft wide by 8ft long and 4f tall, a must for any grotto.

25 Hanging Display (Small) 15 Garland Arch (Small)

Pre-lit Christmas Arch

This garland arch is ideal for a Christmas wedding or as an entrance to a grotto.

Large Foil Christmas Decoration

Ideal if you have beams in a hall or marquee to hang these lovely decorations, these are a must have for any party.

26 Pre-Lit garland 5m lenghts (Small) 27  8 String Harness 30m strings (Small)

Pre-lit Garlands 5m

These 5m garlands just have lights running through them. We also have baubles for hire to dress them.

String Light Garland

This has 8 strings that are 30m long. As in the picture, this was used as a centre piece at London golf course for a members Christmas party.

DSCN1985 (Small)

North Pole Light

North pole light, ideal for outside Santa’s grotto.

This Ice Sign

This ice sign ideal next to a frozen pond, in a winter wonderland scene.

09 Penguins set of 3 (Small)

Set of Three Penguins

These three penguins are ideal for a smaller display.

Bubbles and Decorations

We Have a range of bubbles and decorations for hire, please get in touch as we have a lot of items in stock, which would be too many to list.

04 - 06  Mannequin (Small) 01 Life Size Black Horse (Small) Halloween-small northpolelight

Life Like White Baby Reindeer

This Baby Reindeer looks great in a snowy woodland scene.

whitebaby crosslegs hip DSCN2033

Snowman Jake 3ft

110cm x 62cm x 107cm                    

Snowman Jane Snowman

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